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Clash of Magic is a custom server for Clash of Clans, emulated with GCS. We started our journey in May 2015, and now we are one of the best servers. We have 4 servers - with mods or without mods, you decide it! Our high-speed hosting ensures that you always get the best experience without stutters. We made the servers awesome based on our users' opinion. Interested? There are more stuff to discover!

Ever wanted a P.E.K.K.A Queen? Witch Tower? Or any other custom buildings or heroes? If so, check out our server because we added some cool custom mods to the game. Wizard King, Hog King, just some of the heroes from the server! Not to mention the custom buildings. If you don't like the mods it's not a problem, because you can check our Magic S3 & S4 server, without any mods but unlimited resources.


All Unlimited Mod
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Elixir
Unlimited Troops
Unlimited Buildings
Unlimited Kings
Unlimited Queen

Note :
Updated Se…

What to expect from Microsoft's hardware event in China this week

New Surface PC, accessories, speakers, and features — we expect all of these things to be talked about at this week's hardware event in China.

Microsoft is holding yet another event this week, this time in China, to announce some new hardware and possibly other interesting things coming soon and later this year. As with all Microsoft-related events, we thought it'd be a good idea to tell you what to expect (and what to not expect) at Microsoft's China event. Let's get started.

What we expect
Based on rumors and reports, here's what we're expecting Microsoft to announce in China this week. It's worth keeping in mind that we're not expecting a whole lot, this event will likely be similar to Microsoft's most recent hardware event held in New York on May 2nd, where it unveiled the Surface Laptop. We're expecting a similar amount of announcements.

New Surface Pro

Panos Panay will be at the event in China, so it's highly likely we'll see some…

May 2017 Balancing Update | Clash Of Clans

Hey Chief!

As you know we are working on a massive update, completely different from every other update and we couldn't be more excited to show it to you (very soon!).
In the meantime, learn about the balancing update for your home village that will go live at the same time as the BIG update! This round focuses on powering up late-game spells and helping the grind through Town Hall level 9.

NEW: Clone Spell level 5 (Town Hall 11)
Clone Spell levels 1-5 clone capacity increased • Clone Spell level 3 now available at Town Hall 10
Weak Clone Spells are underwhelming, especially at Town Hall 10, so we’ve unlocked more cloning capacity. The newest Clone Spell reaches 40 capacity, letting you get 8 Balloons or even 2 Dragons per spell!

NEW: Freeze Spell level 6 (Town Hall 11)
When facing off against the Eagle Artillery, every second of a Freeze Spell counts. The newest level helps to give your troops the time they need.

NEW: Heal Spell level 7 (Town Hall 10)
The utility of Heal Spells …

Microsoft purposefully aimed Surface Laptop at a wide audience — and that makes sense

Many Surface fans appear to be confused as to why Microsoft is releasing the new Surface Laptop, so we thought we'd set the record straight.

Microsoft's Surface Laptop has caused some confusion among Surface fans, because it's the first Surface device that doesn't really do anything unique compared to other devices in its field. A lot of people think that's a bad thing and can't seem to understand why the Surface Laptop even exists.

The Surface Laptop isn't for the normal demographic that Surface usually targets when creating a new device. The Surface Pro, Surface Book and Surface Studio are all products aimed at very niche markets, such as creators. The Surface Pro targets the largest market, professionals. Apart from that, the Surface line has a very specific group of people in mind.

Surface Laptop demographic

But with the Surface Laptop, all of that changes. The Laptop is the first Surf…

Windows 10 S: everything you need to know about Microsoft’s Chrome OS competitor

Microsoft launched its latest version of Windows 10 yesterday, Windows 10 S. It’s designed for education and to take on Chromebooks and Chrome OS. Just like Google’s own OS, Windows 10 S is fairly locked down in places and you’ll only be able to run apps from the Windows Store. Microsoft explained some aspects of Windows 10 S onstage yesterday, but there’s a lot more to this new version. Here’s everything you need to know. ONLY WINDOWS STORE APPS WILL WORK The biggest change to Windows 10 S is that it’s locked to only work with Windows Store apps. That means you’ll need to find apps in the Store to download and install them, and many desktop apps like Photoshop and Chrome simply aren’t in the Store yet. Microsoft does allow developers to port their desktop apps into the Windows Store, but not many have taken advantage of this feature just yet. Microsoft is adding its full suite of Office apps to the Windows Store, and Spotify has committed to bringing its music streaming app to the St…

Xiaomi Mi 6 with Snapdragon 835, 6GB of RAM and dual cameras not to launch in US and Europe

Xiaomi started its operations in the US and Europe in June 2015. However, the company is stil to launch its smartphones in these western countries. Now the latest reports suggest that it may not launch its recently-launched flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 too in these regions.
The company's vice president Wang Xiang told Engadget in an interview, "Even though we don't sell [in the US or Western Europe], we feel very sorry for not serving them well," Wang said. He reasoned that in terms of supply chain and manpower, Xiaomi's resources are stretched thin serving 30 regions, most of which are developing markets. "What we're after is a mass market, a massive impact, as opposed to a premium, elite thing. We want innovation for everyone."
Xiaomi largely sells its accessories in these market.
Late last month, the Chinese company launched its latest flagship smartphone Mi 6 in its home country China. It's the successor to the Mi 5, which the company launched last…

Xbox Scorpio price reveal, games news and release date details

World of Tanks is a popular title on Xbox One, PC and PS4 and will also be available to play on the Xbox Scorpio.

During a recent Q&A with fans, the development team behind the popular MMO revealed that the game will fully support the new console.

“We plan to fully support Scorpio and are already running on it at full 4K resolution and it looks fantastic,” the World of Tanks message reads.

It follows news that the Xbox Scorpio could have a huge problem when the holiday 2017 release date rolls around.

The Xbox Scorpio games list could be short of a blockbuster or two, following confirmation that no new triple-A Halo games will launch for Xbox One this year.

That's according to Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor, who told GamesTM that the team won't be releasing anything this holiday season.

"This holiday we don't have a huge triple-A individual game coming out, so this year can be a good year to get our heads down on the next big things."

Microsoft Xb…